Today’s voting for the local elections in Debar (14 November 2021) will be monitored by four accredited observers of CIVIL. The organization appeals to the election boards in this municipality to have into consideration that all of CIVIL’s observers, without exception, are mobile.


“The election monitoring is conducted with the purpose to help for the election process to be lawful, fair and democratic. Above all, the interest is focused towards protection of fundamental human rights and the right to vote. Therefore, we expect good cooperation with the election boards, that is, with the entire election administration” – is said from CIVIL.


CIVIL appeals to the election bodies and political parties, participants in the election race, to comply with the Electoral Code and good election practices and to ensure a peaceful and dignified election day. The organization calls on the citizens to vote freely and in a dignified manner, and to report any irregularity to CIVIL.


CIVIL calls on all citizens to report election irregularities, pressure and threats, corruption, in the Citizen’s application and not to succumb to disinformation and hate speech.

During the election process, the website Free elections is also available with an online form for reporting election irregularities.


The first report of CIVIL’s election monitoring in Debar will be released today at noon.

The citizens of the Municipality of Debar, today (November 14) will be choosing between the current mayor, Hekuran Duka, candidate of DUI supported by SDSM and the coalition, and Bekim Pocesta from the Alliance for Albanians – Alternativa supported by VMRO-DPMNE.

A total of 19.211 people are registered in the Voters List in this municipality, and voting will be conducted in 27 polling stations. In the first round, 42% of the registered voters exercised their right to vote.